Carpet cleaning service in Airdrie, Alberta

Getting the right carpet cleaning service in Airdrie, Alberta is now an easy task with Ideal Maids Inc. We know some of the questions you have about carpet cleaning services, what’s included so that you obtain the results you expect with Ideal Maids.

Do you know what our carpet cleaning service at Ideal Maids is all about? What makes our carpet cleaning services unique?

Below we will answer some questions that our customers usually have before using our carpet cleaning service in Airdrie. You will know what our service is about and what to expect when you hire us.

Can Carpet Cleaning cause allergies?

Some of our Airdrie carpet cleaning customers have inquired about allergies. We use the right solutions that dry quickly and effectively remove dust, dirt, and grime from the carpet. In fact, many customers that have allergies prefer to have more frequent carpet cleaning services since the solution we use helps eliminate more dust and allergens commonly found in carpeted areas in many Airdrie homes.  

Do you do carpet cleaning for stairs? 

Yes. Many bi-level Airdrie homes have carpeted stairs going to the second floor or to go down in the basement. We also do carpet cleaning for any set of stairs regardless of size and also recommend it any time our customers are cleaning other carpets or rugs in the home. 

Carpet cleaning service in Airdrie, Alberta

Will Ideal Maids provide carpet cleaning only in one room?

Yes, we will customize our rug and carpet cleaning services to suit your needs. We do recommend doing all the possible areas in the home since you will get more for your money. The more carpets we clean, the more cost-effective our services become. 

Our Airdrie carpet cleaning customers have always been very satisfied with our services, both apartments, and homes, including rooms, stairs, or other smaller areas. 

What type of chemicals do you use for cleaning?

At Ideal Maids Inc. we pride ourselves on using the best products on the market and the highest quality carpet cleaning solutions that respect the environment and are friendly to your pets.

Can carpet cleaning remove dog urine smells or stains?

Yes, our carpet cleaning service technician uses special products to remove stains, dirt and smells including dog or cat urine.

What carpet cleaning method is the best?

When you choose Ideal Maids Inc. for carpet cleaning in Airdrie, you get a deeper, cleaner, faster-drying carpets and a healthier home for you and your family.

For carpet cleaning we use professional portable machines that allow us to disinfect, wash and dry your carpet in record time, we use eco-friendly products that do not produce allergies.

Also, Ideal Maids Inc. isn’t just a carpet cleaner – we also offer residential and commercial cleaning, window and post-construction cleaning. Whether you need saving from the office mess, help with the windows or other areas, Ideal Maids is here for you. Our carpet cleaning method is tested & proven to remove allergens and bacteria. 

How long will the carpet take to dry?

Generally, the drying time is two hours. But this will always depend on how dirty the carpet is at the beginning of the cleaning session. The dirtier the carpet is, the longer it takes to dry. Our Ideal Maids tech will give you appropriate instructions to make cleaning a success. 

Carpet cleaning service in Airdrie, Alberta

Carpet cleaning service in Airdrie, Alberta

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

This answer will depend on whether there are people who suffer from allergies, if you have pets, children or if your carpets that get a lot of foot traffic. We recommend doing the carpet cleaning every six months if any of the previously mentioned things apply.

Remember that dirt can damage your carpets so the more time it stays without cleaning, the more prone to damage and host bacteria that harm the health of your family.

Can you guarantee that you will remove all stains from the carpet?

Yes but no. Although we would like to guarantee that we can remove any stain, the truth is that everything will depend on the nature of it, how long the stain has been on your carpet, the type of fiber, etc.

What we can guarantee is that we do we will do our best job possible and that if our team cannot remove the stain, no one can.

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