How does messy space influence your life?

A messy space plays an important role in the way we feel. Even studies show that decoration is not only aesthetic but also the quality of life.

Our emotional and psychological balance is affected by internal factors and external factors such as cold, heat, noise that can be stress triggers.

Chaotic space in our home also represents an external stimulus that generates great influence in our life. It makes us feel anxious and overwhelmed, which is an important source of stress in our lives.

Tidy spaces, including the selection of the colors to create comfort at home, are effective antidotes to stress.

Now if you are still not convinced of the fine line between clutter and stress, we will show you the negative consequences of living in a disorganized house.

How does messy space influence your life?

#1 It overwhelms us with excess visual and olfactory stimuli

A home full of scattered things visually generates a lot of mental disturbance, which makes our senses work over with unnecessary stimuli. This causes a lot of anxiety.

#2 It Inhibits creativity

It has been proven that tidy environments encourage concentration and creativity. But on the other hand, messy spaces hinder our senses making it increasingly difficult to concentrate.

How does messy space influence your life?

#3 It affects our productivity levels

Chaos in your home will force you to invest more time in tasks that could easily be under control with an organized system. That can even be demotivating, which could affect your productivity and energy levels.

How does messy space influence your life?

#4 It distracts us from what we would like to focus on

Chaos invades our mind and diverts our attention from the things we would like to do because it takes away our time and energy with household tasks that could easily be done by having a daily organization system.


How does messy space influence your life?

#5 It does not allow us to relax easily

There is no need to repeat it, chaos affects us in every way, the stress that causes massy spaces can even lead to physical ailments that prevent us from relaxing easily.

How does messy space influence your life?

#6 It increases anxiety

The more we prolong the situation of clutter, the more difficult it will be to organize the environment, and the more anxiety we will feel at not being able to keep our things under control, especially when we cannot locate what we are looking for.

How does messy space influence your life?

Messy space can your influence life?

Clutter is a source of concern, which makes us feel distressed, irritated, unmotivated, uncomfortable, and even depressed. In other words, it plays an important role in our mental health.

So if you want a healthy and stable state of mind, your home should reflect this as well. Cleaning your life of unnecessary things means also cleaning your mind.


Fortunately, clutter is one of the easiest stress factors to correct.

It simply applies a system of the organization through small daily actions to maintain a harmonious and organized home.


There are many effective cleaning methods and systems that could be of great help not only to end the clutter but to improve your well-being and mental health.

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