How often you should do Office Cleaning during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 outbreak has created an unprecedented impact on the way we live and work, It turns out necessary to keep your workplace completely cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized

Under these circumstances, Office Cleaning plays a crucial role in preventing any risk of disease.

It is not enough to wash your hands every day, because it is essential that our environment can be cleaned regularly, even more so when it comes to an office.

Offices are environments that involve a large number of people. That is why they deserve more frequent commercial cleaning.

Although businesses are moving to remote work, some companies still require employees to be in the workplace to get their job done.

How often you should do Office Cleaning during COVID-19?

So how often should we do office cleaning?

Well according to regular workplace cleaning guidelines, those surfaces that are frequently touched with hands should be cleaned often through a thorough cleaning.

But the frequency of workplace cleaning will depend based on the severity of the pandemic, as well as the level of activity in the area.

If your area is exposed to a large number of infections and your workplace has a lot of human activity, it will require more frequent cleaning to reduce the risk of infection from surface contact.

In other words:

“the frequency of cleaning should be balanced with the reduced level of activity in the area that would be expected during a period of high infection”. 

Therefore, it turns out essential to have a professional cleaning team that can advise you about the recommended cleaning frequency for your workplace.

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