Should the house cleaning be daily, weekly or monthly?

A Regular house cleaning is extremely important, if we do not, the mess and dirt accumulate and quickly the house becomes uninhabitable.

The best way to clean the home is to divide the entire process into steps and sectors, and of course divide the tasks into which they must be done daily, weekly and monthly. In this way we will not be doing deep cleaning every day especially in areas that do not need to be cleaned but occasionally. We can divide our work into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

For daily house cleaning

The most important thing is to keep a clean kitchen, especially the countertops since these are food preparation surfaces that will affect the cleanliness of your food and the health of your family.

Cleaning the bathroom daily is also a good idea, it doesn’t have to be a deep cleaning but it will definitely help keep the environment clean and healthy.

If you have a large family it will also be important to wash the dishes every day.

During the week

One day a week to do deep cleaning of the home will be enough to keep the house clean and free of germs, it is important to take some time and dedicate it to our home.
For weekly cleaning, it would be a good idea to clean the kitchen cover that is usually greased as we cook, also the top of the stove and clean the oven. This will help us not only to maintain a more pleasant space but also to prevent fires and maintain asepsis.

Also remember that taking a few minutes a week to order clothes can make it much easier to find what you are looking for.

Once a month

Monthly cleaning can include tasks such as cleaning the garage, checking the fire alarm, cleaning the fans and organizing the cabinets.

Everything that is not done during the week and accumulates has a special space in our cleaning list of the month. You may need to prepare your own list of tasks to do each month, adapted to your home and you may want to hire Ideal Maids Inc. for the house cleaning. We serve in Cochrane, Airdrie, Calgary and Okotoks.

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